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Reflection is a handmade neckwear piece, the semi precious stones and precious metal beads are threaded graciously with a solid silver signature ball chain and complimented with a thick, solid 925 silver curb chain - a contemporary, industrial take on a classic beaded necklace.


The piece is adorned with multi-faceted Onyx, Sterling Silver corrugated & smooth beads, electroplated Hematite and a twisted thread and bar closure. The necklace has been designed to be worn at any angle to avoid the 'twisted term' as you happily wear your necklace whatever way you are feeling that day <3

Hematite crystal has been carefully selected as a semi-precious 'stone for the mind', worn with intent to stimulate the wearers focus, concentration, enhancing memory and original thought  you are happy and smiling wearing this special piece. As with life, we also are exposed to conflicting energy - Onyx is threaded purposefully as a reflection of the mind, the crystals properties are described as Indian Gemologists as the protector of evil. Here the necklace channels protecting the mind over evil and negativity - to be worn in strength <3


Our unique design is in collaboration with US pendant designer Shulian Nell  who created the signature smiley pendant for a playful & positive twist on the piece 


Note: (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ To complete you signature Katherinescarlett look, pair with our Time to Smile ring stack for a positively happy vibe ♥


Due to hygiene and safety reasons, this item is non-refundable and non-returnable.